C.P.R Custom Prepared Rods and Repairs

I can breath life back into your old fishing poles

About Me and C.P.R


   38 years of age and 32 years experience in fishing, has lead to 20 years of rod wrapping, and repairs.  Primarily done for personnal reasons, i.e can't find what I am looking for, or a freind that had a mishap with a rod.  This is how I find myself here today, offering my custom Prepared Rods and Repair service's to a larger fishing community.

I am a school teacher of Emergency Medical Technicine's during the day, and a craftsman on the weekend with an emphasis on fishing hobbies.  My rod wrapping has lead me to fly tying as well, and from time to time I will list a few differnet fly's that I might be working on.  But my passion always falls back to rod wrapping.

Over the years I have grown in knowledge, but I will be the first to state I have a lot to learn.  Please understand I will never do anything that I am not sure of on your fishing equipment, and If I cannot do what you are asking I will let you know.  But I do work hard and have made might I say some sweet rods over the years.  Something new that has happened to me just recently is I have been hired as the Custom Rod Repair man for the world famous Bob Marriots Fly Shop in Fullerton CA.  I was very excited to get this opportuntity.  I look at this as one of the best ways to grow in the feild of rod repair and custom builds.

If you want to see what others had to say please go to my testimonial page for some comments that have been made about my worksmenship.