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I can breath life back into your old fishing poles

C.P.R's Satisfied Customers

Here are a few comments from customers of mine, Thanks everyone it was a pleasure working on your rods. 

  • Hey Jeff, just wanted to say that everyone ones very impressed with the rod and wants to know what kind it is.  They have also been making noce comments about it, I am looking for another refurb rod for my father once I find one I will let you know.  I am very happy with your work Jeff agan thanks for everything, once I catch a fish worth taking a picture of I will send it your way.  Wes

  • That is sweet looking I would like a fly rod to match. 

  • Jeff you can see how much heart is but into your work.

  • looking through all the details of fine workmanship, cpr YOU ARE THE MAN.  I truly enjoyed looking at all the fine work you have put into this rod.   You have my business bro. THANKS .

  • jeff, you are the man.  I need to get more blanks for you to wrap
  • you are now my life time rod wrapper.
    • All I can say is NICE work it looks great thanks.

    • Thank you that is what I wanted it to look like, you can see it is well crafted